Swell Tampons

Student work
School: Ohio University
Year: 2016

This new package design from Swell Brand Tampons celebrates women by giving them a product they can feel proud to bring to the sales counter. Swell’s humanity lies in the fact that they recognize that buying tampons isn’t every girl’s favorite thing to do. For first-timers, it can be especially embarrassing. Swell tries to make the experience a little more pleasant with cute and funny package design. It is a fact that all women must buy these types of products, so why should anyone be embarrassed to do so? By labeling the absorbency levels with aquatic terms (and even the brand name itself), everyone can have a good laugh and keep the subject light. For example, super absorbency is called “tsunami” in Swell’s branding strategy. Swell’s CEO, Kelsey Hanson, made this statement:

We are tired of the taboo associated with the menstrual cycle. We, at Swell hope that this can change one day. If we take away the intimidation of buying tampons early on and erase this taboo, girls can start to love that fact that they are women. That’s the real profit for our company.
— Kelsey Hanson, CEO for Swell Brand Tampons

Swell’s package design objectives include it’s usability as a discreet place for women to store their tampons in the bathroom near the toilet without screaming to the world, or at least everyone in their household, “I’M ON MY PERIOD!” I find that the first thing I do when I get home after buying tampons at the store is to take them all out of the box, put them in my little tampon bag, and immediately throw the box in the recycling. Using the box the tampons came in as a decorative and practical item extends its life and adds value to the product. Swell’s new packaging will bring this idea to life by making the branding and product information as a tear-away label over a nice, reusable box that would look great in any bathroom.