GNGF Branded Items

Agency: GNGF
Year: 2016

GNGF (Get Noticed Get Found) is a digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization strategy for small to mid-size law firms looking to grow their leads or protect their referrals. While I was interning there, I was able to create a few items by following the previously established brand standards.

Refrigerator and Dishwasher Magnets

GNGF shares an office space with two smaller startups, which means that the kitchen is being shared between three groups of people who don’t necessarily speak with each other everyday. There are two refrigerators in the kitchen. One is for items that may be shared by all and the other is for items that are not to be shared. Foreseeing a possible mix-up of the fridges by anyone new to the office, GNGF sought to label them which led me to create two magnets, each for its respective fridge.

The office kitchen also houses a dishwasher. As with any dishwasher, it can be hard to tell if the dishes are clean or dirty since most people take care to rinse their dishes thoroughly before placing them into the machine. Before I had created a magnet, we were using a piece of paper that had been folded into a triangular prism, which would get gross after a few weeks of sitting on the counter. Now when anyone is assigned to one of the dishwasher chores, that special person gets the added joy of flipping a cute and stylish magnet to let the rest of the office workers know if they can put their dish into the dishwasher or not.

Confusion? Not in this kitchen.

Office Bathroom Signs

GNGF’s office has two single bathrooms. Neither of the bathrooms are associated with a gender since they each have only one toilet. The only difference is that one bathroom has red walls and the other has blue walls. Walking up to an unmarked bathroom in a public place can be disorienting for the occasional visitor to our office and is especially troubling when any of the companies hosts an event. By creating these fun bathroom signs, I have removed any time wasted in polite conversation at a networking event to explain the bathroom situation.

GNGF Hosting Plans

GNGF was in need of a way to compare the services that each of our three hosting plans offered so that potential clients could choose a plan with minimal effort. Chris Casseday, our director of operations, approached me with a simple table of the plans and I recreated the table with GNGF’s brand standards in mind.